My Philosophy

  • We all can change for the better no matter how difficult our problems.

  • The therapist must recognize and be in touch with his/her own human frailties and vulnerabilities in order to be able to relate to the struggles of his/her clients.

  • However difficult, painful and entrenched our challenge, we have within us some degree of personal freedom to make healthy choices.

  • The therapist must be committed to contend with his/her personal challenges with the intent to grow and change in order to relate to what it takes for the client to personally engage his/her/their daunting journey to change.

  • There will be situations in which we cannot meet the challenge alone, and may need the cooperation or assistance of someone else in our lives that may include family members, others who share a similar issue, as in a self-help group, and/or a helping professional.

  • The helping professional should be able to resonate in his/her humanity with the pain of the client, be open to exploring and understanding the roots of the client's pain and struggles, and be ready to personally engage the client in the journey to meet the client's challenge.

  • The relationship between the therapist and us is the foundation upon which all aspects of the therapy will rest. We should experience it as authentic, trustworthy and committed.

  • The therapist must be prepared to reach for whatever resources are humanly accessible to assist the client - from the therapeutic relationship with the client, to family and associates of the client, to any and every aspect of the client's personal, institutional and governmental community, as well as to the client's personal spirituality.